Condition and appearance: quality grades

A+ +, superbly maintained

This includes refurbished computers that are as good as new, with no scratches on the case or screen.

A, excellently preserved

This includes computers with no or very small signs of use on the case (very, very small scratches).
The screens are free of abrasions.

A -, very well preserved

There are small scratches on the screens of the laptops, and very small scratches on the casing of the laptops.
These are really very, very small scratches, abrasions, which most people don’t even notice unless they are pointed out.

B, technically sound

The computers are in good condition, but there are scratches and signs of previous use. But the functionality remains the same as Class A products.

Open box

They are almost new products, often just open packaging.
Sometimes the customer returns the product only after opening the packaging because they don’t really like the colour or maybe something else.
Sometimes these are products that have only been used as display models.