The warranty on a second-hand computer is 12 months. The warranty takes effect from the date of sale, as evidenced by the invoice. If the computers still have the original manufacturer’s warranty, the longer warranty will apply.
The warranty applies only to the original configuration as stated on the invoice. You can only add/remove RAM, hard disk and graphics card. If you install new components or make other changes to your computer (e.g. changing the processor, graphics chip, etc.), you will not be able to claim under the warranty.

Laptop and tablet batteries – General warranty
Laptop and tablet batteries are guaranteed for 6 months. We test every battery so you can rely on the battery life.

The warranty can be extended to 24 months at the time of purchase if you wish, with the exception of laptop batteries, where it is not possible to extend the warranty. Extension of warranty surcharge EUR 100 + VAT


  • if the warranty period has expired;
  • if any components inside the computer have been replaced (except the RAM, disk or graphics card) and the product has been tampered with by an unauthorised person;
  • if there is visible mechanical damage to the housing, or the buyer has handled the product negligently or unprofessionally;
  • due to force majeure, battery leakage, cleaning, etc;
  • operating system inoperability due to corrupted software (deleted or incorrectly loaded drivers, wiped operating system…);
  • in the event of dropping, breakage, spilling, exposure to abnormal humidity and temperature, explosion, direct lightning strike, direct action of electricity due to earth contact, short circuit, overvoltage, electronic charge, electromagnetic interference, etc.


For a repair under warranty, the computer must still be within the warranty period. The date of receipt of the goods in the repair shop is the start of the warranty period, not the date of the phone call, email or similar. Return the computer by post or in person with a brief description of the fault and a copy of the invoice.

Delivery and return costs: if the defect occurs within 15 days of the invoice, the cost of delivery to the repairer is borne by the Seller. If the fault occurs after 15 days, the cost of delivery to the repairer is borne by the customer. If the customer sends the computer to be serviced at the seller’s expense, the cost will be charged to the customer before the goods are collected.
Your computer will be checked and repaired as soon as possible. Any product that is not inspected and repaired within 10 days of the return of the computer will have the warranty period extended for the duration of the repair. If the product is irreparable or the cost of repair exceeds the value of the product, but is still covered by the guarantee, the item will be replaced by a similar or better one, or a credit note for the value of the product may be issued, or an alternative solution agreed that is acceptable to both parties.
We do not guarantee against loss of data on your hard drive (make regular backups at home!) or damage due to inability to use the product.
Without an invoice, the repair will not be free of charge within the warranty period, as we cannot honour the warranty.


If the complaint proves to be unjustified, the customer will be charged a diagnostic fee of €20 + VAT.